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#OGAM 2015 first post

OGAM stands for One Game a Month, and is an ongoing challenge  to help encourage developers to actually produce stuff, and enjoy doing it.

I've had a busy year which sort of scuppered my 2014 plans for OGAM... I left Jisc, joined the University of Brighton, and started an MSc in Computer Science.
Whilst I've done lots of interesting things, I do really miss game development, and am going to give the OGAM things another go.

On Christmas Day I played a bunch of iOS games I'd bought ages ago and never even looked at... Yearwalk, and The Room, and Device 6, and I thought I can do that... I can build that style of game, and I can certainly create eerie atmospheric graphics... and It would make a difference to the usual simple arcade games.
So I looked up the Corona SDK documentation for the Composer API, which replaced the old Storyboard API, and what do you know... they've gone and built a Beta Composer scene manager, that looks pretty bloomin' useful.