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#OGAM 2015 - February - Maps

The theme for February in the One Game a Month challenge is "MAPS", a game with a map in is worth 250XP, and whilst I don't enter for points I do try to follow the theme.

At work I'm looking to convert some old PHP scripts into JSP that'll run inside our Hosted Blackboard instance, reducing the number of things to maintain... So I thought I'd practice my Java by finishing off a NetHack sort of thing I played with a couple of three years ago.

Reading the (fairly well documented) code, I have an idea of what I was trying to do... and it seems to run... it just needs a prettier interface.
[UPDATE- and a bit of debugging as it leaks like a sieve!]

run: World built from code ___ _ _ _ |_ | | | | | | | | | __ ___ ____ _| |_| | __ _ ___| | __ | |/ _` \ \ / / _` | _ |/ _` |/ __| |/ / /\__/ / (_| |\ V / (_| | | | | (_| | (__| < \____/ \__,_| \_/ \__,_\_| |_/\__,_|\___|_|\_\ …

#OGAM Invasion-month 1

OGAM... One Game A Month...January 2015 I had planned to re-use some existing assets but I ended up following a tutorial for Space Invaders, chiefly because I needed to understand how the Corona SDK composer API works, and this tutorial was one of the few recent tutorials covering that... partly because the theme for January's OGAM was 'resolution', and I thought a nice low resolution 8 bit style game was appropriate.

The composer API is the Coronascene manager, which creates a scene object which listens for certain events...and I'm still not entirely happy how it all hangs together.  Luckily the composer API is the topic of the last couple of CoronaGeek Hangouts have been discussing composer.

#OGAM 2015 first post

OGAM stands for One Game a Month, and is an ongoing challenge  to help encourage developers to actually produce stuff, and enjoy doing it.

I've had a busy year which sort of scuppered my 2014 plans for OGAM... I left Jisc, joined the University of Brighton, and started an MSc in Computer Science.
Whilst I've done lots of interesting things, I do really miss game development, and am going to give the OGAM things another go.

On Christmas Day I played a bunch of iOS games I'd bought ages ago and never even looked at... Yearwalk, and The Room, and Device 6, and I thought I can do that... I can build that style of game, and I can certainly create eerie atmospheric graphics... and It would make a difference to the usual simple arcade games.
So I looked up the Corona SDK documentation for the Composer API, which replaced the old Storyboard API, and what do you know... they've gone and built a Beta Composer scene manager, that looks pretty bloomin' useful.