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Gojira SMASH with Matter.js

+Jason Bailey gave me an article on Matter.js a Javascript physics engine created by Liam Brummitt.
The tutorial by @liabru creates a simple slingshot/angrybird type game.
I've had a play, and the engine is quite simple, and it's really refreshing to edit and review the changes directly in the browser without any build nonsense... though I must say it's made my old white macbook fans spin up a fair bit when I made a couple of duff calls and spawned hundreds of fireballs.

So here you have my copy of @liabru 's codes  *

For some reason the fireball release isn't clean, I think I need to adjust the release, respawn timing... I'd also like to add a bit more oomph to the fireballs, and some smoke particle effects, and some background music, and creature noises...maybe tomorrow.

*closed down my Laughing squid hosting which means a few scripts like this one have become un-homed. I have transferred …