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New spine skellington

After the first draft I've had a go at creating a new skellington. So now it's back to photoshop,

Spinal tap - First attempt at using Esoteric Software's Spine app.

In NDvsPR I made the sprites by creating individual images of the characters in various positions  in photoshop, collating them as a sprite sheet  and referencing them using the sprite API.
Since the sprite API in Corona has been deprecated, and I'd already purchased a copy of Spine I thought it worth trying it out.
First step is to divide the image to be used into layers, one for each section, so Head, Right arm, Left arm etc...
There is a script that comes with Spine that exports the layers as individual .PNGs and a JSON file outlining their relative positions.



looking at the iOS Human Interface Guidelines... retina devices require enormous icons...

Back to life

I haven't worked on the game for MONTHS, and since I left it in development limbo we've had a new version of iOS, and the library I used to handle scenes in Corona has been deprecated...twice... as has the sprite library, and the Corona graphics engine has been completely revised.
All of which means the original NDvsPR was a bit borken, reinforcing my prejudices about using frameworks which dictate the pace of change. That said I finally got round to spending an evening tweaking stuff and it all seems to be working ok, in some form of legacy mode.
So the plan is to replace the audio which was pinched from AleStorm with some suitably salty sea-dog accordion playing. (Originally Adam was going to write some music, but it never materialised. However as he borrowed an accordion from the hackspace he was quite happy to knock out a version of "Drunken Sailor")

I've redone all the provisioning profiles and certificates and tested on my ipad, and it seems ok. I've ru…