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#1GAM Black and White Breakout and a Flappy clone

I actually made a game in January, chiefly to see if I could get my head around the Graphics 2.0 setup  in Corona SDK...
I struggled but did manage to make something that worked, a very pared back and iOS7 looking version of Breakout, with ridiculously thin text, and a ball that is a mere dot.
Well it amused me...what was interesting was the difference in font names, and what is actually available, and/or visible. I started with Ultra Thin fonts, but my old iPad 2 couldn't render them properly, which is a shame.

SO what about February?
Well I'm not using any language or frameworks that might be useful for my new job as originally anticipated, but sticking with Corona SDK, and Lua, and following the Mark Falkland tutorial on building a  Flappy Bird clone  mainly because it looks like it will clarify the differences between Storyboard and Composer, which is the new Corona scene manager.
So I might have a go at "Flappy ninja dinosaur" or "jetpack Pirate robot"…