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Williams(2008) indicates the key design principles for non-designers:
- Alignment, Repetition, Contrast and Colour -
These tenets were adopted in the early design process, the background uses a blue/purple colour scheme, which repeats focusing attention on the foreground characters. All buttons use a common look, and location that contrasts vividly with the background.

Diagrams of early screen layouts and design ideas
Graphics. Corona SDK offers extremely useful APIs to handle graphics, including a Sprite library, which provides a very simple way of animating Sprites.
The following code creates a sprite object, from the spritesheet, which has a regular 256 x 256 size. Because the images are regular it can then set up a sequence - here named “running” which starts at frame 1 and steps through to frame 7, over 1 second.

local ninjaSpriteSheet = sprite.newSpriteSheet( "ninjaSpriteSheet.png", 256, 256 )
local ninjaSpriteSheet = sprite.newSpriteSet(sheet1, 1, 7)
sprite.add( spriteSet…