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set in amber

I'm up to about version 17 of Ninja Dinosaurs vs Pirate Robots, the last 5 iterations have been for minor fixes on the actual devices... rather than the simulator.There are some quirks with screen size and layout that I need to continue to test, but for my CS project I have stopped development, even though the list of bugs and feature requests on pivotal tracker is huge... and now need to crack on with the report, and the comparisons and cost benefits of cross platform development frameworks.

NDvsPR v7

Code refactoring removed a bunch of lardy duplicated code, slimming down the game.lua file to a positively skinny 732 lines of code. I then went through updating the sprites, so they looked better on the screen, and had a bit more motion.
Dom play tested the game and told me I needed to differentiate the ground more clearly from the background, so I did that... then I set to work on the other objects...
The attacking pirates now wave their cutlasses, the burning barrels crackle with flame, and the pirate cannon swings from side to side.
I have a temporary soundtrack from ALESTORM, and new improved sound effects created by me in garage band, and audacity, by blowing into the macbook microphone.
Finally I have sliders for the volume and difficulty level.

The list of tasks, features and bugs continues to grow, but this version is definitely far better... almost at the point where I'm happy to pop it in the Android play store... but the list of things to fix and add before that is sti…

Ninja Dinosaurs vs Pirate Robots v6 - running on Android and iOS

So I've been on holiday in sunny sunny Cornwall, which despite the stories about 4G connectivity couldn't muster a 3G signal for me in Bude... which was a delight.

I worked on the game in the evenings, and whilst there were several times when I wished for a connection to help find answer the problems I was having, it was actually very refreshing to have to dig through the API documentation.
Version 6 has built, it runs on Nexus 4 and iPad2, I have a full set of menus and better graphics (still work to do here).
I really struggled with the particle system, and have commented it out at the minute... I'm not sure it fits with the general look and feel anyway, though explosions ARE cool.
Waiting for some music to use from Adam, but in the mean time I might use some ALESTORM! pirate Metal :)