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Pivotal Tracker

At Dev8ed @AlexBilbie talked about the workflow the Lincoln Uni dev team uses. One of the tools they have embraced is Pivotal Tracker , a lightweight agile, collaborative project management tool.

I thought this project would be a good opportunity to try it out, not so much for the Agile points scoring approach, but as a way of tracking progress, issues and bugs and sharing that easily with my Project Supervisor.  Whilst the tool is basically web-based, there is a rather cool iPad app...

I've set up the basic outline as a public project, I'll update it as soon as I find out if my proposal has been accepted..
If not I'm going to work this through anyway as I'm really enjoying, learning and building stuff.

The project feed is :

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Beta Beater

The Google Developer Console is really very very good.
It's logically set out, and makes it super easy to run a Beta test.
I'm on the tenth iteration of the final draft, and think I've got to a point where I can actually promote the app to Production.
The latest revision changed the icon set, and removed a load more cruft, slimming the app down to just 12.14Mb. I could strip out the iOS icons and lose a few more bytes but the original aim way back when I started on this project was to build a simple game that could be deployed cross platform, so I think I'll try and maintain just one codebase... as I really should submit this to the iTunes store too, to close the project.

Spine again - animating game assets

Laura Tallarday gave a neat demo of how to build an animation in Spine on the CoronaGeek Hangout, so I had a bash at chopping up an image and animating it.
The plan is to add some more sophisticated animations to the new game "Duck sized horse".. but as was discussed in the show adding a whole bunch of spine animated objects might hammer a mobile device... and as the aim is to have 100 tiny duck sized horses, I'd best choose another approach for them.

anyway here's a swaying viking...